At the candy store - Let’s buy deli and celebrate marriage with cake, fondants, cookies…

The confectioner:Good day, madam! How can I help you?

Sarah:Good day to you, too, sir. What cake would you recommend for a marriage anniversary? It’s our 1st year anniversary!

The confectioner:Congratulations, madam! Let me tell you that for this kind of events we offer something special: two layer chocolate cake with pineapple and coffee. It’s the most wanted!

Sarah:Mm, sounds delicious. How much?

The confectioner:15 Euros per kilogram.

Sarah:I’d like a two kilo cake. We have a lot of guests today. What would you further recommend?

The confectioner:Our special offer also comprises fondants and coconut cookies. They are baked in our kitchen so they are fresh. They are the perfect choice for a party.

Sarah:I’d like a kilo of cookies and a half kilo of fondants.

The confectioner:Of course. Is that all?

Sarah:Yes. One more thing: When will the cake be ready?

The confectioner:It’s ten a.m. You can return around 2 p.m. I need 20 Euros in advance.

Sarah:Of course, here you go.

The confectioner:Here’s the check with which you can pick up the order at the established hour. That’s when you’ll pay the rest.

Sarah:OK. Thank you. You’re very kind.

The confectioner:You’re welcome. Happy anniversary and have a nice party!

Sarah:Good bye!

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