At the Flower shop - We ask the florist to show us the flowers- We buy a bouquet of flowers

The florist:Good evening, madam, how can I help you?

Anne:Good evening to you, too! Yes, please, what do you recommend?

The florist:What is the occasion?

Anne:Today is my mother’s 50th anniversary!

The florist:Congratulations! What a beautiful age!

Anne:Thank you!

The florist:We need special flowers. Let’s make a bouquet: let’s start with a red, a white and a yellow rose. Roses are fresh, I just brought them!

Anne:Pretty! And what a scent! What are these?

The florist:Those are called chrysanthemums, they haven’t bloomed yet.

Anne:Add some of these flowers, too. They’re so delicate!

The florist:Of course. Let’s see what else we can choose for your mother’s bouquet: three magnolias and two begonias.

Anne:No, the begonias seem a bit sear, you can put a few gillyflowers instead.

The florist:As you please, gillyflowers are also fresh.

Anne:Have you got anemones?

The florist:Unfortunately we haven’t brought any this weekend. What else?

Anne:That’s fine, Thank you. It’s a nice bouquet, isn’t it? How much?

The florist:Indeed. That would be 20 Euros, please.

Anne:Thank you for your help.

The florist:Thank you! See you soon!

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