At the hairdresser’s – Let’s do our hair

Customer Good afternoon! I want to cut my hair. Are you free now?

Hairdresser: Good afternoon. Of course, take a seat. I will comb your hair first because you have a long hair and it gets tangled easily. How would you like me to cut your hair?

Customer Just a few centimeters, not much. I want to let it grow.

Hairdresser: Very well.

Customer And I also want you to cut my hair in a fringe.

Hairdresser: Sure. As you wish.

20 minutes later.

Hairdresser: You are ready. Look in the mirror.

Customer I like it very much. Thank you. How much do I have to pay you?

Hairdresser:10 euros.

Customer Good bye!

Hairdresser:I will wait for you some other time as well.

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