At the Hotel- We ask about vacant rooms, services and price

The receptionist: Good morning, Madam, Mister. Welcome! How can I help you?

George: Good evening, Miss. Do you have any vacant rooms?

The receptionist: Yes, what type of room would you like?

George: I would like a double room for me and my wife.

The receptionist: How long will you be staying?

George: I shall stay for three nights.

The receptionist: Let me have your ID (identity card). It’s ok; I registered your personal information.

George: What services are included?

The receptionist: TV (television), Internet access, and AC (air conditioning). Within our hotel there are two swimming pools, an interior and an exterior one, a sauna and a gym. The price is 40 Euro a night, breakfast and dinner included. Our restaurant is open until ten p.m.

George: Is there a fridge in the room?

The receptionist: We charge 3 Euro a day for the fridge.

George: Very well, can we see the room?

The receptionist: Your room is at the first floor, it has sea view and it is very spacious.
Maria: Indeed, it is very spacious and bright. And what a view! Thank you, Miss. What do you think, George?

George: It’s perfect, thank you.

The receptionist: You’re welcome. If you need anything, dial 345, please. We are at your service.

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