At the ophthalmologist-We talk about our eye problems. We test them and we get glasses.

Matt:Good evening, doctor, may I come in?

The ophthalmologist:Yes, please, have a seat.

Matt:Thank you. I came here my eyes hurt and I have headaches some time now.

The ophthalmologist:Your age and your name.

Matt:Matt Davis, 35 years old.

The ophthalmologist:Have you ever been to an ophthalmologist until now?

Matt:No, it’s my first time.

The ophthalmologist:I’ll make an eye test to see figure out what the problem is and then we’ll see what we can do to correct your visual acuity, if necessary.

Matt:Sure. What do I have to do?

The ophthalmologist:You have to read the letters and numbers from the table in front of you starting with the upper side.

Matt:A, B, F, H, 5, 8, 9.

The ophthalmologist:Very well so far. Now close your left eye and read the second table using your right eye, please.

Matt:5, 6, uh 9, J…?

The ophthalmologist:Are you positive?

Matt:Not really, I see blurry.

The ophthalmologist:Now close your right eye and read the third row, using your left eye, please.

Matt:6, 9, I can’t see, is that a 2?

The ophthalmologist:That’s enough, thank you. You are short sighted, you need permanent glasses. I’ll write you a prescription;
you have 0.5 diopters at both your eyes. They’re not big, but the eyes suffer when you make an effort to see. Here’s the recipe. If you don’t wear glasses to correct this problem your eye sight might continue to alter.

Matt:Thank you very much, doctor. Have a nice day!

The ophthalmologist:You, too!

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