At shopping - We go to the food store to buy flour, sugar, salt, milk, vegetable, fruits and other products

Alice:Good day! One moment, please! I need to find my shopping list. There it is, I found it!

The saleswoman:Yes, please.

Alice:First of all I want two kilos of flour, one kilo of sugar and one of salt. Then I want two bottles of tomato juice, two kilos of milk, a bag of rice and a pack of butter. I would also like two kilos of beef, two kilos of chicken, three hundred grams of cheese and a kilo of fish.

The saleswoman:Here you are, madam. Is that all?

Alice:Let’s see the vegetables now: two salads, one kilo of tomatoes, one kilo of carrots and three kilos of big potatoes; And two sliced breads, please.

The saleswoman:Of course. Fruits?

Alice:Yes. Let’s see: one kilo of bananas, one kilo of strawberries and half a kilo of oranges.

The saleswoman:Beverages?

Alice:Yes, I want two bottles of mineral water and one of still water. That’s it.

The saleswoman:Cash or credit card?

Alice:Cash. How much?

The saleswoman:Let’s see, 45 Euros, please.

Alice:Thank you very much.

The saleswoman:Thank you. Come again!

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