At the stylist - Let’s talk about professional look, outfit and fashion trends

Mary : Good afternoon! I’m Mary. Today I came to a stylist to ask for advice regarding the way we dress. I’m a public persona and the image is very important for me.

The stylist : Hello, Mary! You’re at the right place. Let’s talk a little about the trends of the spring season. First of all, the classical black blazer is a must for special occasions, meetings and public events.

Mary : What matches it?

The stylist : The clothes from the upper side of your body, blouses or shirts, must match the shoes. These must be hot orange or hot red or other shades of these colors.

Mary : What kind of shoes do we choose?

The stylist : Classic shoes both for women and men.
Mary : What do you recommend regarding accessories?

The stylist : Handmade ties, buttons, bracelets for both genders.

Mary : What model of shirts and blouses should we wear?

The stylist : Classic style for men and casual cut for women.

Mary : Tell us a little about pants and jeans.

The stylist : The pants must be casual. We have stretch jeans, in all shades of blue and grey. We must put an emphasis on contrast and accessories. When we wear a dark color, we pick a bright and strong color for the bag or the shoes. Let’s not forget the midi blouses!

Mary : Thanks a lot! I’m sure everyone who wants to be trendy will follow your advice.

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