English Audio Vocabulary - Learn to speak : Words with Pronunciation and Photos

With this free application from Internet Polyglot, you will be able to:
- learn new words from various areas;
- hear the audio pronunciation;
- see a descriptive photo of that word.
For more information, on how to use it, see the Instructions below.

Select From Language Select To Language
To use it, you must:
1. Select the From Language;
2. Select the To Language;
3. Click the Show Vocabulary button.

After the application is loaded, you must select the appropriate category to study and click on it. After the words are loaded hover the mouse over a word and two icons will appear:
- an audio icon;
- a photo icon.
Click on the appropriate one.

To select a new Language, you must repeat the above process.

If the application does not start, please reload the page.

Good Luck in Learning!

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