Orientation-Let’s ask and offer information when we get lost in a new city/place

George:Excuse me, sir; I need some information, could you please help me?

The stranger: Yes, please.

George:I don’t know the city very well and I’d like to know where’s the nearest bus station.

The stranger: Where to?

George:To the city center.

The stranger:Turn right on the first street, go straight to the second traffic light and then turn left.

George:Got it. I need to get to 45, “Victoria Station”. Can you help me?

The stranger:Yes. I know the area very well. Take bus no. 23 and get off at the fifth station. Walk along the main road for
approximately 300 meters and cross at the pedestrian crossing. On the other side, you can see the Opera, pass it by. Next, turn right on the third street. There’s “Victoria Station”.

George:Is there a restaurant near-by?

The stranger:Yes, the restaurant is right at the beginning of “Victoria Street”. It’s called Uncle Vinnie’s and it’s big. No. 45 is somewhere at the middle of the street.

George:Thank you very much, sir. You are very kind.

The stranger:You’re welcome! Have a nice day!

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