At the candy store - Dialogue Comprehension Tests - English Reading, Listening and Writing Free Online for Advanced

a. Answer the following questions with True or False:

1. Sarah goes to the candy store to buy a cake for her marriage anniversary.

2. Beside the chocolate cake she also buys other specific products.

3. The confectioner says that she only has to pay when she picks up the order.

4. The Candy store she goes to has no kitchen.

5. Sarah has to return to the Candy store to pick up the order.

b. Using the dictionary, translate into Romanian the dialogue and:

1. write down the new words and expressions.

2. write sentences using each one of them.

3. compare your translation with the official translation.

c. Read the dialogue again and :

1. Find the demonstrative pronouns and write down their singular and plural forms.

2. Find the demonstrative adjectives and write down their singular and plural forms.

3. Explain the differences between demonstrative pronouns and adjectives.

d. Write a composition (aprox. 8 rows) in which you talk about your favorite sweets.

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