At the doctor - Dialogue Comprehension Quizzes - English Reading, Listening and Writing Free Online for Advanced

a. Answer the following questions with True or False:

1.Ann goes to the doctor because she feels tired.

2 The doctor prescribes her medication for blood pressure.

3. Ann has to eat a lot of fats.

4. The doctor allows Ann to continue smoking and drink a lot of coffee.

5. The doctor recommends Ann a diet based on fruits and vegetables.

b. Translate the dialogue in Romanian with the help of a dictionary and:

1.take out the new words and phrases.

2.make sentences with each of them.

3.check your translation with the official one.

4.find two synonyms and two antonyms for the new words.

c. Identify 15 adjectives from this dialogue:

1.the ones which are at the positive degree put them in the comparative and superlative.

2.the ones which are at the comparative degree put them in the positive and superlative

3.the ones which are at the superlative degree put them in the comparative and positive.

4.make sentences with the adjectives found [ 5 in the positive; 5 in the superlative; 5 in the comparative

d. Make a composition of approximately 12 lines in which you tell about your last visit to the family doctor.

e. Compare the advantages and disadvantages,similarities and differences between social and private insurance.

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