At the pharmacy - Conversation Understanding Quizzes - English Reading, Listening and Writing Free Online for Advanced

a. Answer the following questions with True or False:

1. Mary goes to the pharmacy because her back hurts a lot.

2. The pharmacist recommends her a strong painkiller for her bone pain.

3. During the treatment, Mary has to stay in bed.

4. Mary does not have cold simptoms.

5. The pharmacist recommends healthy food for a faster recovery.

b. Using the dictionary, translate into Romanian the dialogue and:

1. write down the new words and expressions.

2. Make sentences using each one of them.

3. Compare your translation with the official translation.

4. Find 2 synonyms and 2 antonyms for each of the new words.

c. When do you think is more appropriate to ask a pharmacist to give you meds and when do you think is more appropriate to consult the family physician or to a specialist?

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