At the Travel Agency - Conversation Understanding Quizzes - English Reading, Listening and Writing Free Online for Advanced

a. Answer the following questions with True or False:

1. Ann goes to the Travel Agency to purchase a package tour at the seaside.

2. The travel agent tells Ann she has a special offer for her.

3. Ann accepts the package tour recommended by the agent.

4. The price of the package tour Ann buys is convenient for her.

5. The destination of the vacation chosen by Ann is the Spanish region Costa del Sol.

b. Translate the dialogue into Romanian with the help of a dictionary and:

1. take out the new words and phrases.

2. make sentences with each of them.

3. check your translation with the official one.

4. find two synonyms and two antonyms for the new words.

c. Find the Relative and Reflexive pronouns from this dialogue and conjugate the reflexive verbs at Imperfect Indicative.

d. Make a composition of approximately 10 lines in which you tell about your last vacation: where did you spend it, who did you spend it with, how long did it last, how did you do the reservation, how much did it cost, what did you like about it, what didn’t you like about it, who did you travel with, etc.

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