On the plane - Dialogue Comprehension Tests - English Reading, Listening and Writing Free Online for Intermediate Level

a. Answer the following questions with True or False:

1. Mary wants to go to Paris by plane.

2. The clerk informs Mary that the plane to Paris is an hour late.

3.The flight to Paris is late because of technical malfunctions.

4. Mary has both hand luggage and hold baggage.

5.On the plane, the passengers are given details about emergency situations.

b. Translate the dialogue in Romanian with the help of a dictionary and:

1.take out the new words and phrases.

2.make sentences with each of them.

3.check your translation with the official one.

4.find two synonyms and two antonyms for the new words.

c.Identify the adverbs of place and manner from this dialogue and make 6 sentences with them.

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