During the Break. The Physical Education Class - English Text Dialogue , Learn how to Write, Read, Understand and Communicate with others in English Free Online

“Hi, Jessica. What are you doing?”

“Hi. I'm looking for my sneakers. I remember putting them into my bag this morning but they're not here anymore.”

”Were they expensive? Maybe somebody took them.”

”They costed more than ordinary shoes. But my classmates aren'y like that. They are rich.”

“OK, then maybe you took them out and don't remember. You didn't put them into your locker?”

“Oh, you're right. I put them there a few hours ago, but I just forgot about it. I need to change my clothes. Physical Education is next.”

“The teacher takes you out? We trained in the gym yesterday.”

“I have no idea. I'd like to stay in the gym and play handball. But it seems we need to take a test.”

“Good luck, then. And after that? Do you go home?”

“Yes. I hope the teacher will let us leave earlier.”

“I wanted to see you again, but I'll pay you a visit tomorrow.”

“Did you want to tell me something?”

“No, just hang out together. It seems we never have time to spend together.”

“I know. Listen, I got to go. My class is beginning and I haven't dressed yet.”

“OK. Take care. See you tomorrow.”

“You, too. Bye.”

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