On holidays. To the mountains - English Text Dialogue , Learn how to Write, Read, Understand and Communicate with others in English Free Online

”Good morning children. Is there anyone missing?”

”It's just Jane. I spoke to her 2 minutes ago. Her mom is driving her but they had a small problem with the car. They're on their way, now.”

”OK. I don't think there will be any problem. Our train leaves in twenty minutes. So, have you made your research on the Grampians?”

”We searched on the internet a little.”

”And? Are you impressed?”

”Of course. They are the highest mountains in the UK. Will we go see Ben Nevis, too?”

”Well, that's why we go there. We'll climb up the peak, but our itinerary will consist of visiting Fort William beauties, also. We'll take a gondola trip, and we'll admire the Treasures of the Earth, the Loch Linnhe and the Halfway Lake... You will be certainly stunned by these beauties. I went there with my school mates when I was your age. It's an unique experience.”

”You know, my dad went there, too, with his school mates.”

”It's a kind of a tradition among geography teachers to go there with their students. It's the best method to teach this lesson.”

”Will we be able to visit Loch Ness, too? We'll surely enjoy the local tales!”

”Sure. If we're on schedule, we'll pass through for a little while.”


”That's perfect. Jane arrived, too. Let's get on the train. We'll leave shortly.”

”Hi, Mrs Wade. Sorry we're late.”

”There's no problem. You made it on time. Let's go.”

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