To our grandparents. To the countryside. - English Text Dialogue , Learn how to Write, Read, Understand and Communicate with others in English Free Online

”So, tell me, Robert, how was your summer?”

”It was great. I've been to my grandparents. They live in the countryside, in a village in South Oxfordshire.”

”Really? My uncle lives in that area. In Moulsford, half way between Oxford and Reading.”

”My grandparents live right in the next village, in South Stoke. I used to spend days in Moulsford when I was younger. My best friend was from there.”

”What a surprise! Maybe we'll meet there next summer. We'll have to take a bath in the river, to visit the woods and the plains...”

”And, of course, we'll take lots of pictures.”

”It's a deal, then! So, have you been there alone?”

”My cousin was there, too, for a couple of days, but his parents took him home sooner. They had made a booking to a hotel to the seaside.”

”Cool! I would spend the whole summer vacation to the seaside. Too bad I don't know anyone there.”

”I prefer the countryside. There is plenty of water, too. I've had lots of fun with my friends by the river when we were little. We used to fish there and make diving suits... We were really crazy kids.”

”We all were. Next year we'll swim together in the Thames.”



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