Visiting Romania - English Text Dialogue , Learn how to Write, Read, Understand and Communicate with others in English Free Online

Two friends are having an online talk. They see and hear each other but there are 3000km that take them apart.

”How is Romania, Paul?”

”It's the most beautiful country in the Eastern Europe. There are lots of touristic resorts, monasteries, monuments, medieval castles and ancient ruins. Romania has so many magical places for you to visit...”

”I'd like travelling to Romania one day. And maybe you'll be my guide.”

”Of course. I'd love that. You know, there are a few places I never got to visit. Our country has inummerable sights. I would be proud to say I saw just a quarter of them, but I'm not sure if that's true.”

”Really? That is amazing. I'll schedule then a trip to Romania the soonest possible. You have to take me to the Black Sea and into the mountains. The Carpathians attracted me ever since I heard you live in Romania.”

”Actually, the Carpathians hide a lot. There are wonderful resorts and National Parks, amazing caves, famous cliffs crazily shaped, abraded by wind and time.”

”That's right. You sent me a postcard of the sphinx. You mean that one, right?”

”Yes, that and a lot more... You have to come here and see for yourself the nature, but also the towns and castles people built centuries ago. There is the Bran Castle, The Peleș, the Black Church in Brașov...”

”I will definitely come. I will let you know.”

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