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”Hi, Nick. Where are you going.”

”Hi, Susan. Sorry. I didn't see you. I'm heading to a job interview and I'm a little stressed out. I haven't done this for a while now, and I feel I haven't prepared my answers like I should have.”

”What a coincidence. I'm going to an interview, too.”

”Oh. To the Smith&Smith?”

”Yeah. For the secretary position. You?”

”Well, they asked me about my experience as an accountant. I believe they don't need operators anymore. So, I hope my experience would be enough to fill the position. I really need this job. There are some debts and enormous rates I have to take care of and now that our company went bankrupt we were forced to look for something else. And you? How's the little girl?”

”We're fine. I've just finished the maternity leave and I'm looking for a better job.”

”Did you have any trouble with your employer because of that?”

”Oh, no. It's just that I'm looking for fewer working hours. My mom helps me with the child but she's busy, too.”

”So, get a nanny.”

”I don't know anyone and I don't like strangers in my house or near my daughter.”

”I know the feeling. Oh, here we are. You go first. I'll smoke a cigarette. And good luck!”

”Thanks. You too. See you around.”

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