About Zodiac Signs - The characteristics of the Zodiac Signs

Matt: I’m Matt and I’m an Aries. I’m a well organized and brave person. I can get out of any trouble.

Anna : I’m a Taurus and I always look for stability. I hate changes and I handle money wisely.

Eve : I’m a Gemini and I’m defined by determination. I’m jealous and anxious.

Mary : I’m a Cancer. I’m sensitive and emotional, melancholic at times. I have a general tendency of protecting what’s mine.

George : The Leo, the king of the animals is right in front of you. I’m a very devoted friend; I have a strong will and great self confidence.

Jane : I’m a Virgo; I’m very altruistic and much attached to my family. I’m a faithful friend and lover.

Christina : I represent balance, I’m a Libra, I’m rational and I’m able to control my feelings very well.

Peter : I’m a Scorpio, defined by great sensuality and determination. I’m capable of great sacrifices for friends.

Damian : Here’s the group’s Sagittarius, a cheerful, self-confident and active man.

Anthony : My zodiac sign, the Capricorn, is diplomatic. I’m materialistic and vain. I’m always looking for welfare.

Robert : Aquarius, that’s me! I believe in social justice and I’m generally stable.

Mark : At last, the Pisces. What can I say about myself? I love traveling and changes, I’m sensitive, a day-dreamer and sometimes unstable.

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