At the restaurant- Let’s talk to the waiter and order food and drinks

Waiter: Good evening, madam and sir, welcome to our restaurant!

Maria: Good evening, can we have the menu?

Waiter: Of course, here it is. Today the specialty of the house is at a lower price.

George: Seems like a nice restaurant, what do you think?

Mary: Indeed, what would you like to order?

George: I would like a vegetable soup for the appetizer and a well made steak for the main course, no salad.

Waiter: And you, madam?

Mary: I would like a green salad with tomatoes and oil and a portion of lasagna. How long does it take?

Waiter: About 20 minutes. What would you like to drink, madam? And how about you, sir?

Mary: Some mineral water, please, and white wine for mister; and a can of cold Coke.

After 20 minutes

Waiter: Enjoy your meal!

George: Thank you! Mm, a really delicious soup. How is your pasta?

Mary: Well prepared and delicious. Want a taste?

George: No, thanks, I was craving for steak, I don’t want anything else.

Mary: I got it, then let’s call the waiter and order dessert.

George: There he is, can you please bring us the desert menu?

Waiter: Yes.

Mary: What do you recommend?

Waiter: I recommend our delicious tiramisu.

Mary: Bring us two portions and also the check, please.

Waiter: Cash or credit?

Waiter: Thank you! Come again!

Mary: We sure will! It’s been a pleasure!

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