Job Interview - Talk about past professional experience, qualifications, studies - Receive information about the new job

Interviewer: Good afternoon, take a seat please, Miss Darcie Smith.

Darcie: Good afternoon! Thank you. You can call me Darcie.

Interviewer: I understand. So Darcie, tell me a little about yourself.

Darcie: My name is Darcy Smith, I am 27 years old, I was born and raised in London and I am currently unemployed.

Interviewer: Tell me about your studies and previous employment.

Darcie: I am a graduate of the Faculty of International Tourism and I have worked for three years at a travel agency.

Interviewer: What were your responsibilities there and what happened to the company?

Darcie: I was a travel agent, the interface between the company and the clients who came at the agency. I had to present them the vacation offers, to give them advice and eventually make them choose a thing or another. The company became bankrupt because of the economic crisis.

Interviewer: What are your qualifications for the sales agent position and why should we choose you?

Darcie: First of all, I can say I have experience in working with the public, I speak three foreign languages: German, French and Spanish, I have university education and digital knowledge. I can bring you recommendations from my former boss.

Interviewer: Let me tell you a little about the job you have submitted your resume and cover letter to: it is a job as a sales agent in an insurance company. You will have to sell insurances online, and before that you will have to learn a software to work properly. How does it sound?

Darcie: I find it interesting. What schedule will I have if I am accepted?

Interviewer: Your schedule will begin at 9 am until 4.30 in the afternoon.

Darcie: And my salary?

Interviewer: You will have a fixed salary of 1200 Euros plus bonuses, depending on your performance. The company will put at your disposal a car, cell phone and personal computer.

Darcie: Very good, than I can say it is a pretty convenient job.

Interviewer: Yes, we will call you in a few days after we have made our decision, OK?

Darcie: Sure, thank you Sir. Have a nice day!

Interviewer: You too, thank you.

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