At the mechanic - Conversation Understanding Tests - English Reading, Listening and Writing Free Online for Advanced

a. Answer the following questions with true or false:

1. Marc is a friend of the mechanic where he takes his car.

2. His car has to be fixed because it has engine problems.

3. The mechanic doesn’t give Marc any discount.

4. Marc’s car has the muffler broken.

5. The brake pads also have to be changed.

b. Translate the dialogue into Romanian with the help of a dictionary and:

1. take out the new words and phrases.

2. make sentences with each of them.

3. check your translation with the official one.

4. find two synonyms and two antonyms for the new words.

c. Identify the irregular verbs from this dialogue and conjugate them at the passive voice.

d. Make a composition of approximately 10 lines in which you talk about an experience you had with your car at the mechanic’s.

e. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of driving your own car and traveling with a public transportation or walking.

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