Leisure. How to enjoy our free time - English Text Dialogue , Learn how to Write, Read, Understand and Communicate with others in English Free Online

”Hey, guys, what are you going to do after classes?”

”It's a beautiful day for walking in the park. Maybe we'll have a juice or something.”

”The girls are hungry. What about getting a pizza? We could go to that new place, Hazard, to see how it is.”

”I heard they did a really good job. My cousin had a pizza there these days. He says it's delicious.”

”That's perfect. Let's eat there, then. And afterwards? Should we go to see a movie?”

”I have a better idea: to come see the play our colleagues prepared for this evening.”

”Well, I think it will be boring.”

”Me, too. I'm a little bit curious, but I'd rather skip it.”

”Come on, guys! My sister performs this evening. It might be fun.”

”Well... OK...”

”We'll return, then, to support the little ones. We'll enjoy it, you'll see.”

”Yeah! Yeah!... And, then, tomorrow, we'll go see a movie.”

”Sure. We'll go wherever you wish.”

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