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Here you can choose one of the may Dialogues / Conversations to study further. These links are for the text version of the Conversations. If you want to listen to the Audio version of the Conversations go here: Audio Conversations
In the Kitchen At the Lawyer At the Post Office
at-shopping candy-store-lets-buy-deli at-flower-shop
at-ophthalmologist at-hotel at-stylist
orientation zodiac-signs at-cinema
at-restaurant what-time-is-it where-are-you-from
i-am-foreigner at-hairdressers a-delicious-menu
family-reunion lets-get-married job-interview
at-estate-agency business-meeting at-dentist
family-doctor on-plane at-mechanic car problems
travel-agency state-of-health weather-forecast
parts-of-body-and-physical-traits at-bank-lets-talk-about-money public-transportation-service
days-of-week where-does-it-hurt lets-make-presents
numbers-lets-talk-about-figures meals-of-day-lets my-life-in-general
introductions english dialogue at-police-station clothes-accessories-and-colors
profession-and-work in-kitchen-lets-cook at-lawyer-lets-write-contracts
at-post-office at-pharmacy at-theater

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